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Construction Manager

job description

  • Responsible for all technical aspects of the telecommunication equipment deployment at designated job/project sites
  • Onsite leader and decision maker on issues falling under the CM position scope.
  • Responsible for ensuring readiness of site planned for deployment.
  • Selecting employees or suppliers who will perform construction activities on site
  • Negotiating scope items with suppliers,
  • Deteremining and managing distribution of equipment and materials necessary or required for deployment
  • Planning and scheduling installation and construction of jobsites that includes project schedule
  • Forecast and sequencing of work
  • Auditing construction works upon completion.
  • Approving construction work as complete or declining as incomplete
  • Ensuring construction decisions are within budget of project or jobsite
  • Delegating administrative tasks to construction coordinators who provide support to the CM.

*CMs are expected to delegate construction work in the field and not perform construction work themselves

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