Who we are

Radiowaves Unified Communication (RUC) is a full-service network transformation company created to help customers build efficient and future-ready networks using best-of-breed technologies in both greenfield and existing sites.

We leverage our knowledge and experience across the various stages of the network development lifecycle to help customers optimize their network investment, achieve greater efficiencies, maintain network integrity while keeping business profitable.

Around the world, companies big and small are building and upgrading networks in an unprecedented phase to keep up with the demands of digital-driven business environment. New and disruptive technologies create opportunities for network build outs and enhancements that enable them to improve workforce productivity, deliver better products and services, offer better customer support and more importantly, increase profitability.

Radiowave Unified Communications (RUC) can help you transform your network leveraging best of breed technologies. Whether you’re developing a greenfield site or upgrading an existing network, we can be your partner in network transformation. We will have our experts assist you and share best practices at every stage of your network development lifecycle. Our goal is to help you optimize your network investments to achieve greater efficiencies, while maintaining network integrity and keeping cost reasonable.

We have the team

We deliver the broadest range of expertise through our services team that collectively brings in over 100 years of experience in telco/IT/network infrastructure projects around the world. We have served a diverse range of clients from large global telco giants, to local incumbents and their competitors, as well as corporate clients in the United States, Asia, South America and EMEA.

We have the experience

We are equipped to tackle complex projects and diverse network-related issues whether they involve traditional or new technologies. We will work closely with you to identify possible roadblocks to achieving your goals so you can successfully implement network buildout in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We are committed to your satisfaction

We employ agile approach to project management which delivers greater level of engagement with you, flexibly accommodating iterations to achieve your desired results. We give the same level of attention and dedication to your project regardless of size and scope. We are not content with simply meeting your requirements, we aspire to exceed your expectations.

We Are Growing

RUC recently won a large site acquisition contracts for an operator covering over 100 sites nationwide.

In partnership with one of the major common tower providers in the country, RUC is taking part in the massive rollout of telco towers across the Philippines. The initiative, supported by operators in the country, in line with the Philippine government’s call to build 50,000 telco towers over the next few years as part of its telecoms modernization program. The contracts RUC signed for this project will see the company involved in tower installation nationwide.

"As a US-based company with roots and growing operations in the country, RUC considers it a great privilege to take part in the digitization of the entire Philippines,” said RUC CEO Clarence Rivera.

RUC also won an optical fiber right of way contract covering over a hundred kilometers across Cagayan de Oro area in southern Philippines.

RUC is equipped to accommodate its rapidly growing operations in the Philippines with a new Philippine office in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and a field office in Laguna, south of Manila. To support is growing operations in southern part of the Philippines, the company plans to build an office in Iloilo as well as increase its staff on the ground in Mindanao.

Meanwhile RUC continues to win contracts in the US where it has recently been accredited in 20 cities by Dish Wireless.

Coverage Area