RUC’s comprehensive range of services are delivered by highly-qualified, multi-disciplined professionals who will serve as your partners in network transformation journey – whether you’re constructing a single greenfield site or deploying thousands of base stations across multiple cities or states.

Companies leverage the services of consultants to outsource project-driven tasks or tap third party expertise. The RUC team comprises experts who have worked directly on-site with some of the world’s largest telcos and corporate clients for many years and with whom we have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner. Our collective experience working with industry peers and the knowledge we have gained being exposed to the ever-evolving technology landscape make RUC better positioned to advise and execute on your network vision.

● Project Management – With RUC, you have access to a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who have completed thousands of network installs globally. Whether you need project development support or full-service construction management assistance, we can help you execute the step-by-step development and implementation of your project to guarantee its timely and cost-effective delivery.

● Advisory and Consulting Services - Our multi-disciplined consultants provide valuable insights and advice honed from many years of exposure to networking challenges of various types of customers around the world.
Due diligence is key to successful network buildout or acquisition. RUC has a network of trusted partners to help you with site acquisition anywhere in the world. Leveraging our experience in conducting site surveys globally, we will identify all existing and potential issues of the site before we advise customers to proceed with the purchase or break ground. We apply this proactive approach even more thoroughly in building wireless networks which are unique for each site. From survey to actual build-out we keep in mind your purpose for the build and let it guide us every step of the construction process.
We deliver end to end solution for greenfield development from site analyses and selection to design and implementation, proactively identifying potential site issues and providing solutions to possible deployment delays. RUC has successfully implemented - directly or through partners - over 2000 new sites in the United States and over 3500 in Asia. Our experience in building new and upgrading sites in Asia gave us better understanding of various challenges unique to the region from variances in regulatory frameworks to accessing remote and hard to reach terrains.
When managing site construction, RUC is vendor-agnostic and pragmatic. We will choose the best suppliers and will endeavor to build the site faster and with minimum errors as possible ensuring excellent teamwork with individuals and entities involved in the project. We have a team of construction managers to oversee the work globally and can we scale instantly depending on the demands of the build.
Microwave network design and installation is one of RUC’s key competencies. We can tackle work across entire microwave ecosystem from design, survey, construction and network integration. We provide turnkey solutions using our pool of experienced engineers who are experts installation of microwave links, microwave antenna, microwave equipment and microwave communication and we are highly trained in Installation and commissioning of microwave links comprising SDH and PDH. RUC is behind instrumental the installation of over 5000 microwave hops for US-based wireless operator Clearwire as part of its project to build its own private microwave network. We also installed hundreds of hops for Sprint, T-Mobile and ATT and in the US. We take pride in having built a microwave network of 300 hops in Puerto Rico in a record 6-month delivery and nearly US 5M under budget. In Asia, we have installed hundreds of microwave links across the Philippines’s major island groups in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.